July 2018
Bringing Carbon Farming to Colorado

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the San Francisco area to meet the folks that started and continue to advance modern day carbon farming. 10 years ago, the Marin Carbon Project rigorously tested different carbon farming practices and it was found that the superior protocol was a one-time application of a 1/4 inch of compost to rangeland. This is now seen as a viable option to create a circular system between our waste and food systems while simultaneously mitigating climate change. We’re bringing this work to Colorado to restore our farmlands, build our local food community, and fight climate change.  - Brandon

Learn more here: Can Dirt Save the Earth?

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Building off of the success of the 2017 Colorado Carbon Fundraiser, we are pleased to present the first-ever Green Industry Affair, bringing together Colorado’s finest green communities from Cannabis Advocacy, Outdoor Conservation, and Policy Development to increase awareness and action on carbon footprints.

You will be given the opportunity to enter to win dozens of raffle items from outdoor retailers like Osprey, Yakima, and many more, with all proceeds supporting our work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our state! You will also be given the opportunity to offset your homes and vehicles for an entire year.
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Connecting the land to modern technology, like blockchain is the exactly the work we are bringing to Colorado. Breaking down the barriers and making carbon offsets accessible to producers of all sizes is essential.
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